Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua. The Backpackers Arrive.

WASHINGTON, DC, 18 July 2011 — This is the second in a series of video snapshots, or vignettes, which are unedited but mostly chronological clips that I was able to produce while conducting my “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua,” of 24 June through 3 July 2011. These snapshots are quick peeks into an extraordinary journey by […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Takes a Production Break

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua, 2 July 2011 — Martha Dodge and Paloma Jackson take a break from the production stage of the “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” in the town of Ticuantepe. Dodge and Jackson documented a work visit by some 30 U.S. volunteers associated with Bridges to Community, a New York-based NGO that assists the materially poor […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Winds Down

TICUANTEPE, Nicaragua, 30 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson interviews Steve McCurdy at the Enramadas community center in Ticuantepe, Nicaragua, as she winds down the production component of our “Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua.” Paloma was one of two participants in the Expedition. McCurdy and some 30 other U.S.-based volunteers associated with Bridges to Community helped build […]

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“Backpack Documentary Expedition: Nicaragua” Meets U.S. Volunteers

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, 25 June 2011 — Paloma Jackson (far left) and Martha Dodge (with yellow cap) interview members of Bridges to Community at Managua’s international airport as they wait for the arrival of U.S.-based volunteers who will build houses next week in the town of Ticuantepe. Paloma and Martha are in Nicaragua to participate in […]

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Backpack Journalist Gets to the Roots of “Concrete Tomato”

WASHINGTON, DC, 12 June 2011 — Daniel Sadicario teaches English at the prestigious MICDS in St. Louis, Missouri. He, and the institution for which he works, understand the power and the promise of visual communication. A grant obtained through MICDS enabled Dan to attend my 2-5 June 2011 Backpack Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC, and […]

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Backpack Journalist Explores Iraq Aftermath

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 June 2011 — In this powerful, deeply personal film, Sam Slosberg examines the struggle of one man whose brother, a Marine Corps sergeant, returned from Iraq with multiple ailments that eventually claimed his life and forever changed the lives of his extended family. Sam was a participant in my 2-5 June 2011 […]

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