International Video Journalism Workshop Ends

WASHINGTON, DC, 23 February 2014 — Check out the group photo at the end of our Video Journalism Workshop this past weekend. We had a diverse, international group. From left is Bruce Jones, Jerry Gardiner from Liberia, Will Hoffinger, Mariana Alvarez Joyal from Venezuela, me, Zar Sarmast from Afghanistan, my wife Esther from Cuba, David […]

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Where Has All the (Our) Money Gone?

  KABUL, Afghanistan, 7 January 2014 — This is a brief clip I shot in a refugee camp in Kabul. According to a camp spokeswoman, the camp houses about 1,500 people from across Afghanistan who have fled the war. She said some of the refugees have been here for as long as 12 years. No […]

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Sieze the Power of Video at February Workshop

KABUL, Afghanistan, 5 January 2014 — It is the new language. The new literature. Particularly for the young, it is the way they learn. It’s the way they communicate. Video. For communication. For news and information. For NGOs and non-profits. For entertainment. Seize it’s power. Use it. Connect, motivate and earn with it. Join my […]

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It’s All About Light: Video Journalism

KABUL, Afghanistan 6 January 2014 — I keep going back to this: It’s all about light. And how light plays on form, and composition, and movement. Light is our primary raw material. I made this image (it’s a screen shot from video) at a market in Kabul, while working on a documentary about a team […]

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Video Journalism Workshop February 20-23

Learn to Connect, Motivate and Earn With Video at my Video Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC, on February 20-23, 2014. Seats are limited and registration closes at midnight on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. The tools for connecting instantly, internationally and in the visual language that needs no translation, are available to us all. Join us […]

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Lonely Road In Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan, 5 January 2014 — A bicyclist cuts his way through early-morning traffic and the thick dust that blankets Kabul. I used a telephoto lens to compress elements in the image, and to enhance the appearance of the smog-like substance.  

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