Raising My Voice With Translation in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand, 14 December 2014 — On the second day of our four-day workshop, I shot this scene of Ying Panyapon, translating my English into the Thai language. It’s a process that adds a critical element to my workshops, as people in many of the countries where I conduct the events don’t always speak English. […]

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Raising My Voice in Thailand: So What?

BANGKOK, Thailand, 13 December 2014 — Translator Ying Panyapon, changes my words into the Thai language during Video Workshop #2, while I ask the “So What?” question. So what? So what if you’re doing a video about a man who makes his living selling trinkets on the street? So what if you’re doing a story […]

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Use Long Lenses to “Pull” elements of the Image Together

ARUSHA, Tanzania, 2 August 2014 — A Masai goat herder tends to his animals on a highway just outside of Arusha, on the way to Tanzania’s National Park. Had I not made this image from a moving vehicle, I would have stepped back and used a longer focal length on the camera lens, to “pull” […]

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“How to Make Powerful Videos” Workshop October 2-5, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, 14 July 2014 — Registration now is open for Bill Gentile’s Video Workshop in Washington, DC, on 2-5 October 2014. Learn how to make powerful, character-driven videos for professional, personal and home use, and get a FREE copy of Bill Gentile’s Essential Video Journalism Field Manual. For more information please click HERE.

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