Raising My Voice at Workshop in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand, 12 December 2014 — This is the scene in front of my hotel when I first arrive at 1 am. What’s the lesson? There’s a story on every block, in every city of the world. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open. That’s what I’ll be telling the […]

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From, “Born From Blood:” Best Stuff First

KIGALI, Rwanda, 26 July 2014 — I’ve learned to put the best material first in the films I make. Studies show that we have a limited time — just seconds, really — to engage an audience either intellectually or emotionally. If we don’t “hook” them in that brief time period, we lose them. I’m making […]

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“How to Make Powerful Videos” Workshop October 2-5, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC, 14 July 2014 — Registration now is open for Bill Gentile’s Video Workshop in Washington, DC, on 2-5 October 2014. Learn how to make powerful, character-driven videos for professional, personal and home use, and get a FREE copy of Bill Gentile’s Essential Video Journalism Field Manual. For more information please click HERE.

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Video Workshop to Olathe Northwest High in Kansas

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 June 2014 — I head out a week from today to conduct a five-day workshop at the Olathe Northwest High School in Kansas. I’m looking forward to meeting the new generation of visual communicators. I’m amazed at how young the incoming practitioners of our craft are today. An increasing number of high […]

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