American University Students at San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C., 9 March 2011 — A film made by two American University students with whom I traveled to the Galapagos Islands has been selected for screening at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. Mark Petruniak and Chris McMorrow are heading to California to attend the show of “La Pesca Vivencial,” which they shot […]

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Backpack Video Journalism at International Center for Journalists

WASHINGTON, DC, 1 March 2011 — I conducted a Backpack Journalism Workshop for eight new fellows at the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in the nation’s capital prior to their departure for assignments overseas. During the all-day workshop, we discussed Controlling Idea, Dramatic Arc, the ABCs of the visual language, character-driven documentary and other components […]

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Backpack Video Journalist to USA TODAY

WASHINGTON, 22 January 2011 — Maria Howell (R) is on a roll. Last summer she was the winner of the Associated Press/American University Backpack Journalism Foreign Internship that took her to the AP bureau in Jerusalem. Last fall she took on a backpack journalism internship at And this week she begins a backpack video […]

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Essential QuickTip #7: Hide the Lavaliere

LITCHFIELD BEACH, South Carolina, 24 November 2010 — You see it all the time. Lovely women wearing ugly lav microphones sticking out of their neck as if it were some malignant growth. Hide the thing! Go to a pharmacy and get some Moleskin tape, which you normally would apply to your heel when wearing new […]

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Huxley and Moyers on Today’s Brave New World

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 November 2010 — I’ve recently come across two documents that, particularly after the recent election, are as profoundly relevant as they are disconcerting. The first is a 1958 interview by Mike Wallace of social critic and author of “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley. The other is a recent speech by Bill Moyers. […]

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Day 4: Backpack Journalism Workshop Nears End

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 October 2010 — Participants at the four-day Backpack Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC, work to finish their mini documentaries as the evening deadline approaches. (Photos by Bill Gentile) Below, assistant Kelly Donnellan works with American University professor Simon Nicholson on his project. Below, Theresa Bucci (left) and Rebecca Byerly work on their […]

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