Fotokids in Guatemala Hosts Video Journalism Workshop

GUATEMALA CITY , Guatemala, 26 May 2013 — I meet on the first day of my five-day video journalism workshop with kids belonging to Nancy McGirr’s non-profit organization, Fotokids. Founded in 1991, Fotokids is designed to break the cycle of poverty through training in visual arts and technology. ( Photo by Nancy McGirr.)  

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Former Video Journalism Student Breaks Ground on “Fracking”

WASHINGTON, DC, 28 September 2012 — Kirsi Jansa was a participant in one of my Backpack Video Journalism Workshops. Since taking the course, she has devoted her time, energy and considerable skills to documenting the development of “fracking,” the controversial process used to extract natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface. Her series of documentary […]

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Using Video Journalism Judiciously

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 August 2012 — In a clip shot during my 16-19 August 2012 Video Journalism Workshop, I comment on the judicious use of our hand-held digital cameras that can both enhance cooperation by subjects but can also harm feelings. This most recent workshop was one of the most productive and gratifying in memory. […]

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