Essential Video Journalism Field Manual Heads to Market

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 December 2012 — Here’s the front and back cover of my Essential Video Journalism Field Manual. Bruce Jones of Boston, MA, has done a terrific job of designing not only the cover but the entire manual, as well. We’re going through final edits now and the manual should be available on Amazon […]

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Video Journalist Explores “Afghan Market”

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 December 2012 — Kalpana Biswas traveled from Pittsburgh, PA, to attend our 6-9 December Video Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC. She aspires to make films of women engaged in the filmmakers, particularly those working in conflict zones around the world. She spent her production time at an Afghan market in the area […]

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L.A.-based Video Journalist Explores DC-based “American Pupusas”

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 December 2012 — Ivan Mejia traveled from Los Angeles where he works as freelance video journalist to attend the December 2012 workshop here in Washington, DC. I first met Ivan in the late 1980s while covering the civil war in his native country of El Salvador. Ivan now works as a freelance […]

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Video Journalism and “The Flow of Art”

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 December 2012 — Chad Clanton produced this video during our December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop. It was the first time Chad had shot a video story — and further proof that proper instruction on the visual storytelling language can lead to coherent and compelling visual communication. You can see the video HERE. […]

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“I’m Still Here” and the Power of the Visual Language

WASHINGTON, DC, 15 December 2012 — Steinar Figved made this video during my December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop in Washington, DC. It is a stunningly powerful example of what a single practitioner — properly trained in visual storytelling — can achieve. Steinar did the pre-production on this piece from his home in Norway. In four […]

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December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop Ends

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 December 2012 — The December 2012 Video Journalism Workshop drew to a close with the screening of participants’ work performed over the four-day event. We saw some terrific work done by some participants who had come to the workshop with minimal or no experience at all in the craft. They went away […]

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