Answers to Questions Regarding “Using a Tripod” Video

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 November 2012 — I’ve received a number of questions regarding the kind of tripod that I use in my recent blog post, “Essential Video Journalism Tutorial, ‘Using a Tripod’.” You can see that video HERE. So here are the specific models and the urls for ordering them at B&H Photo/Video in New […]

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AU Abroad Students on Photo Expedition in Havana, Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, 3 November 2012 — AU Abroad student Robyn Schowengerdt takes aim with a new Sony Alpha 77 camera on the way to a photo expedition in Old Havana. Sony loaned 15 of the cameras to American University’s School of Communication because of its Backpack Journalism Project, which I launched two years ago. (Photos […]

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Essential Video Journalism Tutorial, “What’s In Your Backpack?”

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 October 2012 — Here’s my most recent “Essential Video Journalism Tutorial by Bill Gentile.” It’s titled, “What’s In Your Backpack?” You can watch it HERE. Although my focus is visual storytelling, equipment and the proper use of equipment are important components of our craft. I’m not a “gear head,” but if you […]

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Essential Video Journalism Tutorial, “Using a Tripod”

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 October 2012 — I rarely use a tripod and when I do it’s for interviews, long slow pans, or very “still” videos of static objects. These might include statues, paintings, buildings, etc. This Essential Video Journalism Tutorial is titled, “Using a Tripod.” You can see it HERE. When I do use a […]

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“Bill Gentile’s Video Journalism Field Manual” Nears Finish Line

NORWOOD, MA, 13 October 2012 — Designer and Internet marketer Bruce Jones, at his office in Norwood, Massachusetts, begins a weekend dedicated to the completion of “‘Bill Gentile’s Essential Video Journalism Field Manual,’ by Backpack Journalist Bill Gentile.” Listed as a required text for my “Backpack Documentary” course of Spring 2013, the book should be […]

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Yahoo! EN ESPAÑOL Distributes Harley-Davidson in Cuba

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 October 2012 — This is a Spanish-language version of the Harley-Davidson story I produced while in Cuba in fall semester 2011. Published by Yahoo! EN ESPAÑOL, it’s a re-worked and longer version of the piece originally published in the United States. You can it HERE. It is critical, if one is to […]

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