From “Born From Blood:” How to Pan

KIGALI, Rwanda, 26 July 2014 — I traveled really light on this trip to Rwanda, carrying only my iPhone and no other gear. No tripod. So it was nice to know how to make a fairly steady pan when I saw the opportunity. I visited a community project in the Rwandan capital, shooting my central […]

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Raise Your Voice! at October 2-5 Video Workshop

WASHINGTON, DC, 20 August 2014 — Learn to Raise Your Voice! with video at my Video Workshop in the nation’s capital on October 2-5. This four-day workshop is an intensive immersion in the craft of visual storytelling. Learn to tell powerful video stories. Raise Your Voice! about issues that are important to you. To register, […]

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Nicaragua Photos on Cover of Joan Didion’s “A Book of Common Prayer”

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 August 2014 — I received confirmation this morning that two of the images from my book of photographs, “Nicaragua,” will be used as the cover of Audible’s audio edition of “A Book of Common Prayer,” by Joan Didion. This is a great honor, with so much connective tissue. I never had the […]

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Use Long Lenses to “Pull” elements of the Image Together

ARUSHA, Tanzania, 2 August 2014 — A Masai goat herder tends to his animals on a highway just outside of Arusha, on the way to Tanzania’s National Park. Had I not made this image from a moving vehicle, I would have stepped back and used a longer focal length on the camera lens, to “pull” […]

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Making Video in Post-Genocide Rwanda

NYAMATA, Rwanda, 29 July 2014 — Chantal was the interpreter working for a colleague and I who visited Rwanda in 1996. We were on assignment for “ABC’s Nightline With Ted Koppel,” doing a report on Rwandan women who had been raped during the 100-day killing spree that has come to be know as the “Rwandan […]

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Re-visiting the Rwandan Genocide

NYAMATA, Rwanda, 29 July 2014 — Some of the 800,000 victims of Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide are buried in a memorial here, in this town about an hour’s drive south of Kigali. I first visited this site in 1996 while on assignment for “ABC’s Nightline With Ted Koppel,” doing a report on Rwandan women who had […]

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