Old Friends and New in El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, 19 September 2014 — The last night of my five-day journey to El Salvador certainly was the most gratifying. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues that I haven’t seen since last working there in 1990, but I had the extraordinary honor of meeting and […]

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Warm Welcome at Diario de Hoy

  SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, 19 September 2014 — Despite a breaking story about the impending arrest of a former president on charges of corruption, a large contingency of reporters, photojournalists, editors and managers of the daily newspaper, Diario de Hoy, attended my presentation. It was a measure of Salvadoran hospitality that they put aside […]

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The Price Paid to Practice Our Craft

SANTA ANA, El Salvador, 18 September 2014 — I met with a room full of students at the Catholic University of El Salvador (UNICAES) in the western city of Santa Ana and showed them a rather graphic film of journalists covering violence during the Civil War of the 1980s. I believe it is important that […]

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The Role of Journalism in Salvadoran Society

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, 18 September 2014 — I visited this morning with staff of the Salvadoran daily newspaper, La Prensa Grafica, one of the largest and most influential outlets in this Central American country. Invited by the US Embassy in San Salvador, I spoke with the staff members about the role of journalism in […]

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Teaching El Salvador’s Future Journalists

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, 17 September 2014 — I conducted a presentation at the US Embassy for a group of young Salvadorans who belong to the Glasswing Journalism Club. We discussed “citizen journalism” and how members could address their issues by using smart phones and the Internet. What a fascinating group of young people with […]

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Nicaragua Photos on Cover of Joan Didion’s “A Book of Common Prayer”

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 August 2014 — I received confirmation this morning that two of the images from my book of photographs, “Nicaragua,” will be used as the cover of Audible’s audio edition of “A Book of Common Prayer,” by Joan Didion. This is a great honor, with so much connective tissue. I never had the […]

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