Bridge Runner in Ecuador SARAYAKU, Ecuador, 28 June 2015 – We arrived in Sarayaku after a five-hour canoe ride down the Bobonaza River. I was struck by the foot bridge that members of the community use to traverse the waterway. It’s a noisy, squeaky, shaky, sketchy affair — and a gift for any filmmaker. On it I was […]

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BOBONAZA RIVER, Ecuador, 29 June 2015 — On the journey to the indigenous region of Sarayaku deep in the Ecuadoran Amazon, I took a five-hour canoe ride down the Bobonaza River. I saw dozens of canoes, run mostly by male “pilotos” and “punteros” (pilots and pointers.) A female pilot was somewhat of a rarity. This […]

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Heading Home

Esther and I are spending our last night in Ecuador and, here again, is the view from our hotel. A fitting image, I think, with which to end our journey. Once I get home to DC and catch my breath, I’ll have a couple of new posts to wrap it all up.

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