Old Friends and New in El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador, 19 September 2014 — The last night of my five-day journey to El Salvador certainly was the most gratifying. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues that I haven’t seen since last working there in 1990, but I had the extraordinary honor of meeting and […]

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“Through Their Eyes” to COMMFFEST Film Festival

WASHINGTON, DC, 23 July 2014 — My wife, Esther, and I are pleased to announce that our film, “Through Their Eyes,” has been accepted to compete in the 8th Annual COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival. Our one-hour documentary follows six American University students in the AU Abroad program studying in Cuba in Fall 2011.   […]

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Sony’s New DSLR With AU Abroad Students in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, 10 September 2012 — During my recent visit to Havana, I went over some of the basic functions of the Sony Alpha 77 DSLR cameras. The new, hi-tech gear was loaned to American University’s School of Communication (SOC) largely because of our Backpack Journalism Project, which I launched two years ago. I visited […]

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Backpack Journalism Venezuela Trip Ends

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 May 2012 – Got back last night from a weeklong trip to Caracas, Venezuela, teaching and promoting backpack journalism. Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the trip was scheduled to coincide with World Press Freedom Day. (See attached photos.) Perhaps more than any other visit that I’ve made to Venezuela, I […]

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Backpack Journalism at Catholic University in Caracas

CARACAS, Venezuela, 3 May 2012 — Had a great two-hour session today with students at the Andres Bello Catholic University. About 90 students from all sectors of the university showed up for the presentation, which marked World Press Freedom Day. During the talk, “Technology and the New Age of Information,” I showed a bit of […]

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