Spain Rights Fest Ends

GIJÓN, Spain — Javier Bauluz (left), myself and Esther at the “13 Encuentro Internacional de Fotoperiodismo Ciudad de Gijón,” this past week. The event, which is focused on human rights around the world, ended this weekend. Esther and I conducted a three-day backpack journalism workshop during our week-long stay.

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Backpack Journalism at Spain Rights Fest

15 JULY 2009 — Javier Bauluz introduces me prior to my presentation on backpack journalism at the 13 Encuentro Internacional Fotoyperiodismo in Gijon, Spain. The theme of the festival is human rights. Javier and I worked together covering the civil war in El Salvador during the 1980s. Photo by Alberto Prieto.

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The First Deadly Images

7 JUNE 1979 — Before covering the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua, I had rarely seen dead people outside of funeral homes — much less made pictures of them. But in the summer of 1979 I made lots of pictures of dead people. I still see some of them today in my mind’s eye. On June […]

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A Backpack Journalist Is Born

It was this time of year three decades ago, in the sweltering heat of a Nicaraguan summer, that I covered conflict for the first time. The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) ousted the U.S.-backed family dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in a war that left some 30,000 dead. That’s Somoza above, outside his bunker in Managua, […]

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Backpack Journalism Workshop in Gijon, Spain

I’ll be conducting a three-day backpack journalism workshop at the 13th International Photojournalism Festival in the Spanish city of Gijon, to be held 10-19 July 2009. The annual festival is hosted by Spanish photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Javier Bauluz, who I’ve known since my days in Central America. (That’s Javier on the left.) The […]

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