SOC Graduate Practices Video Journalism for Washington Post

By Kady Buchanan WASHINGTON, DC, 28 October 2010 – Alexandra Garcia, a graduate of American University’s School of Communication, returned to a classroom she left six years ago to discuss her efforts to “show the people” through her work at the Washington Post. Garcia is the latest in Professor Bill Gentile’s Backpack Journalism Speaker Series […]

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Huxley and Moyers on Today’s Brave New World

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 November 2010 — I’ve recently come across two documents that, particularly after the recent election, are as profoundly relevant as they are disconcerting. The first is a 1958 interview by Mike Wallace of social critic and author of “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley. The other is a recent speech by Bill Moyers. […]

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Backpack Journalism Workshop 9-12 December at Maryland Public TV

WASHINGTON, DC, 28 October 2010 — Maryland Public Television (MPT) will host a Backpack Journalism Workshop With Bill Gentile on Thursday 9 December through Sunday 12 December. You can see the MPT ad on YouTube, or visit the MPT web site for more information.

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Backpack Journalism Workshop Winner #2

WASHINGTON, DC, 27 OCTOBER 2010 — The video voted Number 2 most popular of the recent Backpack Journalism Workshop is “Walls,” by Skye Wheeler. You can watch “Walls” here on my Vimeo channel, “Backpack Journalist.” You can also watch it here on my YouTube channel.

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Documentary Filmmaker Lou Dematteis Visits Photojournalism Class

WASHINGTON, DC, 26 October 2010 — Documentary photojournalist and filmmaker Lou Dematteis points out details in an image from his book of photographs, “Nicaragua: A Decade of Revolution.” As part of our Backpack Journalism Project speaker series, we hosted Lou in my “Photojournalism and Social Documentary” class yesterday. (See video of the visit on my […]

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October 2010 Backpack Journalism Workshop: It’s Over

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 October 2010 — Am finally getting around to posting the closing group shot of our four-day Backpack Journalism Workshop, which ended late Sunday evening. From left to right (standing) are Skye Wheeler, Simon Nicholson, Teaching Assistant Esther Gentile, Rebecca Byerly, Teaching Assistant Ted Roach, Theresa Bucci, and Teaching Assistant Kelly Donnellan. Kneeling […]

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