Bangkok Workshop N. 3 Ends

BANGKOK, Thailand, 17 May 2015 — Workshop No. 3 in Bangkok ends with a photo of a terrific group of young journalists. Thank you all.  

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Video Workshop Transitions to Post-Production

BANGKOK, Thailand, 15 May 2015 — On this, the second day of our four-day Backpack Video Journalism Workshop, we move into the Post-Production stage. As in the real world of film making, the workshop is broken down into three components: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. (Photo by Bill Gentile)  

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“Afghan Dreams” Screens at American University

WASHINGTON, DC, 31 March 2015 — Our new film about four Afghan law students — all young women — who overcome all odds to compete in an international competition on legal arbitration will screen on Wednesday 8 April at American University’s School of Communication. Join us for “Afghan Dreams,” a story about determination and grit […]

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“Freelancers at Risk” at American University

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 March 2015 — We had an overflow attendance at yesterday’s event, “Freelancers at Risk,” at American University’s School of Communication. In this first image above, from left to right, are Michael Scott Moore, Berlin-based journalist kidnapped by Somali pirates while researching a book on piracy and held hostage 2 years, 8 months […]

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Video Workshop Registration Ends 18 February

WASHINGTON, DC, 31 January 2015 — Registration for the March 5-8 Video Workshop in Washington, DC, ends at midnight of Wednesday 18 February. See for details. At our four-day immersions into the visual storytelling language, you will: • Learn to articulate story ideas. • Capture powerful images and clean sound. • Recognize and cultivate […]

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Raising Our Voice With the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

WASHINGTON, DC, 22 December 2014 — American University now is a member of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting’s Campus Consortium. As part of Campus Consortium Membership, AU and the Pulitzer Center will select two students for international reporting projects of their choice involving an underreported systemic issue. Each student fellow will be awarded $2,500.00 […]

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