Essential QuickTip #2: Don’t Just Stand There

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 September 2010 — I see backpack journalists standing flat-footed with their feet splayed out in the general direction of their subjects and it makes me cringe. A strong wind could blow them over, much less somebody not paying attention and who just happens to bump into them or, worse, somebody who wants […]

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Featured Professional: John Ficara and “Black Farmers in America”

WASHINGTON, DC, 3 September 2010 — John Ficara is the latest Featured Professional on American University’s Backpack Journalism Project web site. I selected John, a friend and former Newsweek Magazine colleague, because his path to backpack journalism resembles that of so many of us now practicing the craft. John’s book, “Black Farmers in America,” is […]

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Internet Marketing Whiz Becomes New Addition to Backpack Journalism Workshops

WASHINGTON, 27 August 2010 — The live video presentation by Internet marketing expert Bruce Jones was so successful during our most recent Backpack Journalism Workshop that I’m making him a permanent feature of future events. A participant in one of my first workshops in 2008, Bruce joined us during my most recent event via Google […]

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Final Cut Pro and “Three Dimensional Chess”

WASHINGTON, 14 August 2010 — Final Cut Pro Certified Instructor Kelly Donnellan (l) assists Gail Massari at the Backpack Journalism Workshop With Bill Gentile in Washington, DC. Behind them are Bob Shea (l) and Jeffy Mead, who drove to Washington from Rochester, NY, to attend the event. Gail Massari flew in from Raleigh, North Carolina. […]

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On the Third Day There Was Editing

WASHINGTON, 14 August 2010 — On the third day of our Backpack Journalism Workshop, Jeff Mead (l) edits a piece that he and Bob Shea shot and produce. The mini doc is about “Street Sense,” a nationwide newspaper produced by and about the homeless. Mead and Shea drove from Rochester to attend the four-day workshop. […]

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Colin Mulvany Weighs in on Backpack Journalism at Newspapers

WASHINGTON, 18 June 2010 — The essay by Colin Mulvany, a member of the Board of Advisors of our Backpack Journalism Project, is a valuable contribution to our craft, to aspiring backpack journalists and to anyone working at a newspaper who manages, trains or supervises backpack journalists. See the essay here. Colin details his experience […]

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