The Price Paid to Practice Our Craft

SANTA ANA, El Salvador, 18 September 2014 — I met with a room full of students at the Catholic University of El Salvador (UNICAES) in the western city of Santa Ana and showed them a rather graphic film of journalists covering violence during the Civil War of the 1980s. I believe it is important that […]

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Hello Suriname: “Seize the Power of Filmmaking”

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, 6 May 2014 – After breakfast with U.S. Ambassador to Suriname Jay Anania and a handful of local journalists. I’m here for a week of workshops, presentations and interviews with local journalists, students and others. The central theme of the visit is the power of filmmaking with hand-held digital cameras and distribution over […]

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Me to Suriname: Make Films

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, 4 May 2014 – The walk on the tarmac from my plane to the airport terminal brought me back to the tropics. The smell of wood fires for cooking. The deep humidity. A cool evening breeze. The sunset. Smelled like Nicaragua. I’m here for a week of workshops, presentations and interviews about the […]

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McClatchy Foreign Correspondent and State of the Craft

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 April 2014 — McClatchy Newspapers foreign correspondent Hannah Allam addresses my Foreign Correspondence class. Allam is the foreign affairs correspondent for McClatchy, covering the State Department and international diplomacy from Washington. She was bureau chief in Baghdad from 2003-2006 and was Middle East bureau chief, based in Cairo, from 2006-20012. Her war […]

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“Through Their Eyes” at Toronto Film Festival

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 April 2014 — My wife, Esther, and I are pleased to announce that our documentary, “Through Their Eyes,” has been nominated to compete in the Documentary Feature category at the Toronto International Film and Video Awards festival. The documentary follows a diverse group of six American University students discovering the forbidden island […]

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Reporting “Lone Survivor” Trailer

WASHINGTON, DC, 16 February 2014 — In the summer of 2005 a four-man team of US Navy SEALs dispatched to a mountainous region of northern Afghanistan in search of a renowned Taliban leader. Surrounded by enemy fighters, the SEALs called for backup. But when 16 Special Forces soldiers arrived on the scene in a Chinook […]

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