To Serve and To Protect?

8 JULY 1979 — Thirty years ago, this image impressed upon me the profound disconnect between what a country’s armed forces contended to be and what they actually were. Three decades after I made this picture, that impression is the same. What is most sad about this image, I think, is that the National Guard […]

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Losing Hearts and Minds

7 JULY 1970 — It was clear to most observers at this point in the conflict that the Somoza regime had lost the hearts and minds of the Nicaraguan population. Somoza’s National Guard had become an occupying force in its own land, and most ordinary Nicaraguans regarded its members with profound fear and loathing. And […]

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National Guard Moves to Re-Take Masaya

7 JULY 1979 — National Guardsmen sweep the village of Nindiri as part of their push to re-take the nearby city of Masaya. The look of exhaustion and apprehension on the young guardsman pictured above reflects the cumulative toll that weeks of fighting are exacting from us all. The image making and storytelling skills I […]

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Taking Backpack Journalism to the Harvard Club

NEW YORK, 25 June 2009 – I took questions following my presentation on “backpack journalism” at the Harvard Club on W. 44th St. in New York City. I also screened my recent piece, “Afghanistan: The Forgotten War,” which was broadcast last year by NOW on PBS. The event was closed to the public and only […]

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Backpack Journalism Workshop in Gijon, Spain

I’ll be conducting a three-day backpack journalism workshop at the 13th International Photojournalism Festival in the Spanish city of Gijon, to be held 10-19 July 2009. The annual festival is hosted by Spanish photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Javier Bauluz, who I’ve known since my days in Central America. (That’s Javier on the left.) The […]

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Determination Is King

I’ve been deeply impressed by the students’ tenacity in going after these stories. With very few exceptions, they’ve been relentless about pursuing the material they need to put their projects together. Two members of one group have gotten up every morning to shoot time-lapsed clips of the sunrise – and they’ve waited out every sunset […]

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