Video Journalism Workshop End In Sight

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 March 2013 — Christian Jarboe muscles through final editing of his story about the American ideal embodied by one man and the intersection where he works. Christian shot, produced, wrote, narrated and edited the piece. Teaching young people like Christian how to speak the visual language is one of the most gratifying […]

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Video Journalists Race to the Finish

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 December 2013 — Video journalists at my latest Video Journalism Workshop hustle to finish their final projects before screening time this evening. We had a small but focused group this time around. My Video Journalism Workshops are intensive, four-day immersions in the craft of “backpack journalism” defined as character-driven television/web productions with […]

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Video Journalism Workshop Almost There

WASHINGTON, DC, 9 MARCH 2013 — A participant in my Video Journalism Workshop on the third day of the four-day event interviews a Congolese man for her documentary film. We had a tiny group of participants this time around but the intensity and quality of their work made up for the lack of numbers. My […]

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Another Beginning for Backpack Video Journalism Workshop

WASHINGTON, DC, 7 March 2013 — This is what it looks like at the beginning of each Backpack Video Journalism Workshop. The Essential Video Journalism Field Manual. Photo IDs waiting for their recipients. The room full of expectation.  

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Reviewer Discusses “Gentile” Craft of Visual Journalism

WASHINGTON, DC, 24 February 2013 — Here’s what one Amazon reviewer wrote of my new Essential Video Journalism Field Manual: “For anyone lucky enough like me to have been in one of Bill Gentile’s video storytelling workshops, this new Field Manual will bring that inspiring experience alive again. For professionals who already tell stories visually […]

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American University Front-Page Story on AU Abroad in Cuba

WASHINGTON, DC, 23 February 2013 — American University published a front-page story on its web site about six AU Abroad students studying in Cuba during fall semester 2011. To see the piece, click HERE. The story includes images and a link to the trailer for “Through Their Eyes,” the one-hour documentary that my wife, Esther, […]

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