Backpack Video Journalism at Inter-American Defense College

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 December 2012 — I gave a presentation on coverage of military affairs at the Inter-American Defense College at Fort McNair in Washington, DC. In attendance were representatives of military and police units from across the hemisphere. I spoke specifically about how technology has changed the way we cover military and police activities. […]

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“Through Their Eyes,” the Trailer

WASHINGTON, DC, 19 November 2012 — This is the trailer of our upcoming film, “Through Their Eyes,” about six American University students who studied in Cuba during fall semester 2011. You can watch it HERE. We get to know this diverse group of students as they explore Cuba. Each changes in subtle but profound ways […]

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What’s In Your Backpack? (Keep it on the plane)

WASHINGTON, DC, 17 November 2012 — Here’s a recent question from a viewer of my recent video, “What’s In Your Backpack?” (You can watch the video HERE.) “When you are flying do you keep your camera in that backpack or do you use a separate camera bag when you travel in planes? From the video […]

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Why We Do This: “Inside the Solar”

WASHINGTON, DC, 23 September 2010 — This film depicts the real reason we journalists do what we do. It is titled, “Dentro del Solar,” or “Inside the Solar.” In Cuba, a “solar” is a public housing unit, or tenement, and Solar del 11 is one unit in Havana portrayed in a film of the same […]

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