State Department Heralds Citizen Journalism

WASHINGTON, DC, 29 March 2013 — Here’s the YouTube version of the State Department film on “citizen journalism.” Click HERE. Citizen journalism is just one component of the broader methodology that we refer to as “backpack video journalism,” the craft of film making done by a single, properly trained practitioner with a hand-held digital camera […]

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“Through Their Eyes” Material in JFK “Peace” Video

WASHINGTON, DC, 22 March 2013 — Some of the footage used in this piece about JFK was drawn from “Through Their Eyes,” the one-hour documentary that my wife, Esther, and I made about AU Abroad students in Cuba during fall 2011. We’re proud to see it used in conjunction with coverage of the 50th anniversary […]

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Former Student Featured As “Citizen Journalist”

WASHINGTON, DC, 15 March 2013 — This is a brief piece put together by the U.S. State Department on “citizen journalism,” one component of the broader methodology that we refer to as “backpack video journalism.” Erin Finicane is a former student of mine at American University’s School of Communication, and she embodies the ideal of […]

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James Niceley Sounds Out “Through Their Eyes”

WASHINGTON, DC, 11 March 2013 — James Niceley (left) uploads sound from our new documentary, “Through Their Eyes,” about six American University students studying in Cuba during Fall 2011. “Jake” is Assistant Professor at Mike Curb College of Arts Music & Science, and Assistant Chair of Music Production Technology, at Daytona State College. Jake is […]

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Video Journalism Workshop Group Photo

WASHINGTON, DC, 10 March 2013 — At the end of our recent Video Journalism Workshop we paused for a group photo. At top from left is John, a character in one of our videos, then assistant Nick Ray, participants Christian Jarboe and Walid Jawad, and me. On bottom is participant Thuy Dinh, John’s daughter, Denise, […]

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State Department Video Features Citizen Journalism

WASHINGTON, DC, 12 March 2013 — The State Department recently published this video about “citizen journalism,” which is made possible in recent years by the advances in hand-held digital cameras and the Internet. A State Department crew interviewed me for the piece, and used material generated by one of my students, Erin Finicane. It’s Erin’s […]

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