Guatemala Fotokids Workshop Ends

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 30 May 2013 — It’s over. My Video Journalism Workshop at Nancy McGirr’s Fotokids ended with a big ice cream cake and this group shot. Great way to end two weeks in Guatemala, the first conducting a workshop for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and the second for Fotokids. (Photo by a camera […]

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Guatemala Workshop in “Production” Stage

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 27 May 2013 — Jessica, one of nine Fotokids participating in my video journalism workshop, watches films being made during the five-day event. As we transit from the “pre-production” stage into the “production” stage of the workshop, I’m deeply impressed by the tenacity of these young people. By their thirst for knowledge […]

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Fotokids in Guatemala Hosts Video Journalism Workshop

GUATEMALA CITY , Guatemala, 26 May 2013 — I meet on the first day of my five-day video journalism workshop with kids belonging to Nancy McGirr’s non-profit organization, Fotokids. Founded in 1991, Fotokids is designed to break the cycle of poverty through training in visual arts and technology. ( Photo by Nancy McGirr.)  

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Respite Between Video Journalism Workshops

ANTIGUA, Guatemala, 26 May 2013 — One of the sites I came across yesterday as Nancy McGirr and I toured Antigua, just an hour’s drive from Guatemala City, where I’m conducting two video journalism workshops. The first event was funded by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and hosted by Nancy McGirr’s Fotokids. The second workshop begins […]

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Reuters Workshop in Guatemala Draws to End

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 24 May 2013 — My video journalism workshop in Guatemala City ended with a group dinner of the professional journalists who participated in the event. They all produced terrific pieces, some of which I’ll be posting here, on my Facebook page, and on my YouTube and Vimeo channels. The workshop was sponsored […]

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Reuters Guatemala Workshop Nears End

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala, 23 May 2013 — With the end approaching for the video journalism workshop in Guatemala City, the journalists attending the event bear down on their final projects. The workshop is sponsored by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and hosted by Nancy McGirr’s Fotokids. It’s such an extraordinary pleasure and honor for me to […]

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