Marketing Video at Ghana Event

ACCRA, Ghana, 26 November 2015 — On the fourth day of our five-day Backpack Video Workshop, we Skyped with Internet marketer Bruce Jones from Boston, Massachusetts. For years, Bruce has been advising entrepreneurs how to build an online presence to connect with and expand communities, how to make an impact — and how to make […]

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40 Years of Visual History at AU

WASHINGTON, DC, 15 October 2015 — This is my dining room. No food. Just pictures. A small part of the collection whose use I am donating to the library at American University. Nearly 40 years of visual history from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Persian Gulf, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, this week will become part of […]

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BOBONAZA RIVER, Ecuador, 29 June 2015 — On the journey to the indigenous region of Sarayaku deep in the Ecuadoran Amazon, I took a five-hour canoe ride down the Bobonaza River. I saw dozens of canoes, run mostly by male “pilotos” and “punteros” (pilots and pointers.) A female pilot was somewhat of a rarity. This […]

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AU Students Win Pulitzer Center Fellowships

WASHINGTON, DC, 20 April 2015 — American University communication Ph.D. student Kara Andrade and graduating journalism major Julia Boccagno have been named 2015 recipients of the Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium International Reporting Student Fellowships. From left are School of Communication (SOC) Dean Jeffrey Rutenbeck, Andrade, Boccagno, and Eric Hershberg, director of American University’s Center for […]

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“Afghan Dreams” Screening Packs Auditorium

WASHINGTON, DC, 12 APRIL 2015 — The screening on 8 April of “Afghan Dreams” at American University’s School of Communication was something beyond “special.” One member of the audience called it, “an inspiring and compelling documentary (event) about empowering women in Afghanistan. A wonderful story of perseverance, commitment and overcoming cultural and political barriers to […]

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“No Fire Zone” Draws Packed, Diverse Crowd

WASHINGTON, DC, 4 February 2015 — UK filmmaker Callum Macrae addresses a packed house at American University’s School of Communication after the screening of “No Fire Zone,” his award-winning documentary on human rights abuses during the 2009 campaign by the Sri Lankan military against Tamil rebels. On the far left is Juan Méndez, professor of […]

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